The german energy economy is complex and complicated. There is no simple or intuitive way to understand all the circumstances. Newcomers, trainees, students, professionales and managers need purposeful, practical and empathetic trainings.

We are the online academy for the german energy economy.


  • market – history, structure and roles
  • electricity – generation, network, metering, supply
  • energy data and time series management
  • energy balancing, energy trading
  • digitalisation and energy transition
  • your requests

potential agenda:

Our seminars and workshops are accompanied by e-books or online-courses and a lot of free content.

Seminars will be held online, at your place or can also be booked in Thuringia, Germany. 

A single-day english spoken seminar will be priced at roughly 2.997,- EUR plus value added tax.

Let's get into conversation: